Advance decisions to refuse treatment

Best Practice in care coordination for palliative and end of life care services: information for commissioners

This information resource is aligned to Ambition Four of ‘Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: A national framework for local action 2015–2020’ and should be taken in the context of NHS England’s Commissioning Toolkit for End of Life Care.

Caring for Carers and Caring to the End

Caring for Carers

This booklet is for any member of staff working in a hospital who may come into contact with adult patients who are dying, or are approaching the end of life, and with the carers of these patients.

Caring to the end

This booklet is for anyone who is supporting an adult patient – a relative, partner or friend – who has been admitted to hospital and who may not have long to live.

Developing an Asset Based Approach Within a Learning Community

End of Life Care in Advanced kidney Disease: A Framework for implementation

Finding the Words

Oxford Learning Pathways

Oxford Learning Pathways (OLPs) are a series of blended learning pathways incorporating e-ELCA. OLPs are a resource for individuals and training facilitators designed to help meet the needs of staff and volunteers involved in providing end of life care to people across a range of settings. The pathways have been developed and piloted by teams of experienced palliative medicine and end of life care professionals and utilise the national e-learning resource e-ELCA.

They can be found here. 

Supporting people to live and die well

Transform EoLC programme – How to guide

Special Interest Areas

Tools and Resources